The exercise? Week 5, Day 4: Legs LIIFT 50/50.

For the individuals, fitness who are new to this specific exercise (or decide not to recall it), Week 5, Day 4 comprises of a calorie-burning truly difficult work meeting followed by high-force cardio and center for an absolute body, fat-consuming exercise.

Or on the other hand as Joel puts it, “lift first, HIIT second, bite the dust later.”

Joel’s instructional course began solid with squat varieties, calf raises, and rushes. In any case, he demonstrates exactly how testing his exercise is the point at which he arrives at the HIIT partition: That puddle of hard-earned perspiration on the rec center floor doesn’t lie.

Furthermore, things possibly get harder for home-exercise center Joel when on-screen Joel proceeds onward to center.

At the point when it’s everything over, Joel shares his exercise details. How do yours look at?

Watch our BODlife video to see Joel battle (simply like all of us) and offer his contemplations on why this specific exercise totally kicked his a**.

Ace tip: Want more Beachbody way of life and off camera content? Head to Beachbody On Demand and look at the BODlife channel!


Joel Freeman driving 10 Rounds exercise


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