Times of India provided news to the public which is that other franchises except are arising objections due to the statement of Chairman Sanjeev Churiwala that England and Australia will not undergo an isolation period for 6 days. No one understood that why this behavior is is doing 스포츠중계 Sanjeev Churiwala.

Some other franchises especially India added that we followed bio-secured bubbles and other SOPs in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus and after arriving in U.A.E we have done also completed all decided rules like testing protocols and quarantine 6 days, we lived 6 days isolated in our rooms. And after all this we came to know that there is no need for England and Australia to follow these restrictions, this feels so bad to make difference in between teams. Other franchises also insist that we are moving from one bio-secured bubble to the other ones, we are facing this for a week but how could other teams denied to follow it. It will cause an apple of discord between teams. So it ought to be sorted as soon as possible, the discussion is being continued about this.

BCCI added that all participants must be obeyed all SOPs and decided rules because we cannot allow the spread of COVID-19 especially when we have faced such a pandemic break of long 4-5 months, si now how can we relax about coronavirus safety precautions. Ig we will not follow safety measures then there is a danger of interaction of coronavirus to any of the players and this will cause again cancelation of sports which will be the cause of sadness for everyone, so it is very essential to follow these SOPs to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

No meetings for the purpose of confirming the schedule between franchises and IPL GC is being arranged. It will be on air for about a few days. Until all players should behave like a family to come over in such a situation.

Credit: Zerocric

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