Girls are signing up for Flirty Girl Fitness classes in their local neighborhoods and leaving the DVD shelves empty at their favorite stores to get their hands on this workout program. Still many are asking whether or not this is because Flirty Girl Fitness actually works, or if it is just a cute, pink and fun fad.

Plus, many girls are wondering if they can really learn to “flirt” while shedding excess fat and inches off their waists, or are the sexy women in the video just good actresses and professional dancers? Read on for answers to these very important Flirty Girl questions!

Flirty Girl Fitness is a craze…plain and simple. It is a new health program that puts together dancing, different styles of music, long flippy and flirty hair, a pink feather boa and a sexy attitude to help you burn and melt the fat away, all while tricking you into believing you are having tons of fun and not really exercising.

But believe me…before I was half way through the video I KNEW I was exercising. I just didn’t care because it was so much fun to do!

You don’t have to worry about whether or not this works. Flirty Girl Fitness works because it’s simply aerobic exercise. You dance and move around, thus your heart rate goes up, your circulation increases and you burn fat. And who doesn’t love dancing? Well, I won’t dance to just anything but this music makes you want to move your booty. I just want to make clear that for the company to say that you’ll have so much fun you won’t realize you’re exercising is a bit of an exaggeration.

Okay…you may be saying, so what? It worked for you but will it work for me? Of course it will. Flirty Girl Fitness works for many reasons.

As mentioned above it is aerobic exercise (but with a twist.) Aerobic exercise is proven to shed those pounds.
It’s fun and sexy.
Fun and sexy are the two things that form a powerhouse to help keep you active and motivated and exercising everyday. Everybody likes to have fun – especially when they’re doing something they’re not really crazy about – like working out. And everybody likes to feel sexy.

I recommend you go ahead and get the Flirty Girl Fitness DVDs. I believe they still have a special where you can get them for only $9.99! Check right now because they won’t probably do this forever.

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