Believe it or not, a sunscreen works just like a toothpaste. Not using enough or using it incorrectly, both invite problems only.

Premature ageing and hyper pigmentation both are the side effects of ignoring sunscreen.

Well! It is said that there is no such sunscreen that gives 100% protection. On the other hand, it is also said most of the people do not apply sunscreen correctly.

So, in the following space, I am going to share 4 amazing tips to apply sunscreen correctly.

1.Layer it Thickly

Just a tablespoon of sunscreen is all you need. In fact, for your body, you need two ounces.

So, no matter how heavy the SPF is, you must layer it thick for more efficacy.

  1. Never Ever Apply Sunscreen Directly

I must share that this is one of the best tips of my life. In fact, instead of squeezing a giant blob on your face, make sure you slather that onto your hands. This method increases the absorption pretty well.

  1. Moisturizer Should Follow the Sunscreen

The usual zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based sunscreens work better when applied right after applying the moisturizer. This step helps the sunscreen to get absorbed fast and effectively.

  1. Do Not Depend Upon Seasons

Sunscreens are something that should not be neglected. No matter what the season is, sunscreen should always be applied.

Well! This is not the end. There are numerous other ways too. Sunscreen mistake is something that should have been taken seriously. Let us know about the mistake that you often make.

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